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We think we know what we’re talking about – Charles Martin vs Anthony Joshua

Here we are with our fifth “We think we know” and our second to feature Anthony Joshua as the main event! We’re also going to give our predictions to the two other world title fights on the card. As always the team at Boxing Britain will give their predictions and so will some of our boxing friends, who DO know what they are talking about!


Joshua Vs Martin – This is the only fight I am 100% interested in. Sky have promoted the Charles Martin well… The casuals still don’t know much about him in terms of his attributes (or lack off) in the ring and excitement seems to be brewing nicely.

I think Joshua will be cautious behind the jab early on and as soon as Martin throws a big left hand and catches Joshua’s attention, then  that’s when Joshua will wade into him untill the ref stops it on the ropes as they usually do – Gary Fortune (@boxing_britain), Boxing Britain Writer

Joshua is getting his crack at a quarter of the World Heavyweight title a lot sooner than we all expected, I for one thought he was going to collect all the titles up to World level but when an offer like this come around you can’t blame him for jumping past the European Title! AJ will need to be careful that he doesn’t let it go to his head and get caught like he did against Whyte as Martin will capitalise on it in a way that Whyte didn’t. As long as Joshua fights to the script I can’t see any other outcome than another Joshua K.O win. I’ll agree with David Haye though, the longer the fight goes on the harder it’ll be for AJ. If I had to pick a round I’d go 4th round win for AJ – Chris Waddams (@chriswadds), Boxing Britain Writer

This fight spells intrigue. Few boxing fans, even the more serious ones can give a thorough informed examination of what Charles Martin is really about. His status as world HW champ is hardly a convincing one, winning the vacant belt against Glazkov in January via Glazkov seeming to jar his knee and no longer being fit to continue. Martin did have the better of the fight and for that reason he was the rightful winner, but he seems to revel in the victory more than he should. He’s got a decent record and a good KO percentage, but who has he fought. Only a year ago he was having career building fights against the likes of the UK’s own Tom Dallas, who has never shown to be upto much as a challenging oponent. This said it is only in recent times that Anthony Joshua’s career has seen more meaningful fights, with the demolition of former world title contender Kevin Johnson and the more recent grudge match with Dillian Whyte. I think this puts AJ in good stead for the big stage that two will find themselves on fight night. Will the big arena and the hostile atmosphere effect Martin at all? He seems to have a cool exterior so we won’t find out until the two actually engage in the ring. Has Martin come here to coin in while he can as champ, or is he out to prove that he is the fearless champion. Like he says himself; if he comes here and does that, he’ll win most of the UK fans over instantly. As prediction I am going for Joshua’s power to provail, simply because it hasn’t failed him thus far. I am not discounting the lesser known attributes of Martin and am perhaps just speaking from a familar perspective, but I see another UK HW champ being crowned via an early KO decision.

As a side note, this fight should not even be for the IBF world title. The belt rightfully belongs to the current undisputed HW champ Tyson Fury, but boxing politics has lead us to where we are – Lee Short (@MancBoxNetwork), Boxing Britain Writer

Obviously Joshua’s toughest opponent to date but after watching plenty of highlights of the champ he carries nowhere near the power of AJ. We predict a stoppage win for Joshua rounds 4-6 – The Boxing Page

Lee Selby v Eric Hunter – this is a mandatory challenger and Selby doesn’t tend to get enthusiastic about these kind of fights. (Or anything for that matter the miserable git). Joking aside though, Eric has been quite entertaining since his arrival in the UK. The American seems excited to be here and he could be up for the fight in the early stages. I don’t think it will be a classic, it could be a very slow burner and Selby we do just enough to win as always. He isn’t one for putting on a show but I hope I am wrong – Gary Fortune

Selby is taking on his mandatory challenger and I can’t see anything more than a comfortable points win for him. Hunter is no push over but I think Selby is a level above and will show his superior boxing ability. Don’t rule out a late stoppage for Selby but I’d back a points win for the Barry man – Chris Waddams

McDonnell vs Vargas – Vargas has only won 8 of his last 15 fights and you would expect a fighter to at least be the No1 in his own country before fighting for the world title, but Vargas scrapes the top 10 in Mexico. It’s a fight that enables Matchroom to say there is 3 world titles on the card and sell it to the casual. Let’s just hope that McDonnell’s opponent isn’t as embarrassing as his brothers last opponent (complete miss match) and that the match maker has got this right. McDonnell win probably by late TKO – Gary Fortune

I like McDonnell a lot, he’s a fighting man and after a 2015 on the road with back to back fights against Tomoki Kameda I’m glad that Matchroom have him back fighting in England. McDonnell should be considered one of the best if not the best in his division – let’s not forget he should technically be the unified IBF WBA and WBO champion after he was stripped of the IBF and Kameda was stripped of the WBO before their first fight. I’m gonna go for a mid round stoppage win for McDonnell – Chris Waddams

Now you’ve read what we think, now onto a few people who DO know what they’re talking about!

I personally think it’s a 50/50 fight. I think Martin will be surprised with Joshua’s power and speed, and I think Joshua will struggle with Martin’s length and southpaw stance. I’m hoping Martin wins, but I do like Joshua. I want to fight them both! – Lucas Browne (@lucasbrowne), WBA World Heavyweight Champion

I’ll go AJ K.O in the second round. He’ll be Martin’s worst nightmare! – Ryan Walsh (@walsh7ryan), British Featherweight Champion

Charles Martin is going to get spanked! When you have a man that big in front of you I would not be looking to go wild, the key for Martin is to box clever. Joshua coming with serious power and serious conditioning and u don’t want to be underestimateing any challenger in that condition! – Ashley John Williams (@ashleyjohnw), Boxing Britain profiled boxer and Commonwealth Bronze medallist

I see Selby winning well in a good fight on points, he’ll use his height advantage well – Ryan Walsh, former Selby foe

I think McDonnell will do the same as Selby, using good boxing skills to win on points and again using his height advantage well. I highly rate all three!! Up the Brits! – Ryan Walsh


Chris Waddams
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