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We think we know what we’re talking about – Frampton vs Quigg

So this is our fourth attempt at “We think we know what we’re talking about” and our first of 2016! And what a fight to kick us off for 2016! Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg: The IBF Super-Bantamweight Champion of the World against the WBA Super-Bantamweight Champion of the World. It doesn’t get much bigger than this! As normal we’ve asked a few of our boxing friends to give us their predictions and they obviously know what they’re talking about… unlike us!


Since day dot I have said I would fancy Frampton to win this fight on points and that hasn’t changed. I genuinely think the only reason this fight is happening is because Carl started so badly last time out, but let’s not forget Kiko was all over Quigg for a round and a half in Manchester until Quigg caught him with that superb uppercut. I think Carl is too clever and will box clever on the night. I predict quite an exciting fight in a white hot atmosphere and a points win for Frampton by 116-112. Come on The Jackal! – Richard Hammel (@chadderscha), Boxing Britain writer

I’ve always been a Frampton fan over a Quigg fan (that’s not saying I’m not a Quigg fan) and because of that I’ve always said Frampton would win. If I’m honest my opinion hasn’t changed at all since I’ve been following both of their careers. Quigg has improved a lot more than Frampton over the years, but that’s because I believe Quigg had more room to improve. If this fight had happened when Frampton was the Commonwealth champion and Quigg the British champion it would have been a clear shut out for Frampton with a possible late knockout. Now it’s different, it’s closer. BUT I still have Frampton as the better fighter and the winner in this fight. I’ll go with a points win for Frampton. – Chris Waddams (@chriswadds), Boxing Britain writer

The fight has got a lot more interesting since Frampton’s dodgy display over in the USA, followed by Quigg’s destruction of Kiko Martinez. I had Carl a clear winner in this one up until recently. Quigg has the power to cause Frampton a lot of issues. However I think Carl’s superior boxing skills will allow him to nick it on points. If Quigg lands a big shot early and gets over confident then I think Frampton could stop him in mid to late rounds. – Gary Fortune (@boxing_britain), Boxing Britain writer

Frampton v Quigg is a fight I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. This is a big fight for Britain and I hope it lives up to its expectation. For me Frampton has to go in the slight favourite, I see the fight starting tentatively with both fighters feeling one another out. Frampton will take hold of the fight and will be up on the cards before stopping Quigg late on in my opinion. However I did have a dream it ended in Round 3! – Tommy Lloyd Jr (@tommylloydjnr), Boxing Britain writer

It’s a 50-50 fight, I think they both have equal power. It’s going to be an exciting fight and if either one of them comes into the ring on anything less than top form it will cost them the win. There’s a lot of talk about Frampton not being able to take Quigg’s power which I think is stemming from the stoppage against Martinez. But I personally think Frampton is technically a superior fighter and I think he will win with a late stoppage – Claire Blake, (@clairembBB), Boxing Britain writer

Looking at the parallels between the two and past outings you’d have to say Frampton has mixed at a generally higher level than Quigg. Frampton has also been the busier of the two fighting twice in 2014 and again in 2015 vs Quiggs one fight a year. Does this tell? I’m not too sure, after all boxing matches aren’t won on paper. My hunch is that if Quigg can unleash a similar onslaught to that which finished Kiko Marinez in his impressive 2nd round TKO of the Spaniard, then we will see a surprising stoppage of Frampton too. It’ll be a tall order as we’ll see a switched on Frampton compared to the one we last saw in the ring but after a fast paced start I predict Quigg to win it in impressive fashion in the middle rounds – Lee Short, (@MancBoxNetwork), Boxing Britain writer

Frampton Quigg is a genuine 50/50 fight but if I had to pick a winner it would have to be… Frampton. Eddie Hearn was willing to make the fight years ago when he promoted Frampton so in my eyes he felt Frampton was ready for it back then. Looking at it from the other side maybe you would say that he feels Quigg is in a better position now but surely if Quigg has got better with time Frampton would have as well? I could be looking into this a little bit too much but what a fight we have on our hands! #teamjackal – Ben Horner (@norwichboxing), owner of NBTV

Frampton Quigg is so tough to call IMO. I change my mind every day; I suppose if they’re both on their game, I’d favour Frampton on points – The Boxing Page


So that’s what we think, now to find out how some people who really know what they’re talking about think the fight will go:


I’ve been sat on the fence so long I have splinters in my arse… This fight lays with who makes the least mistakes and on that basis I’m leaning towards Quigg. I think Quigg has the better defence and from what I’ve seen/heard a better work ethic. I truly believe we get what we work for and Quigg works very hard. I was going to wait ‘til the weight-in but judging on what I’ve seen and heard Quigg has the edge in a few departments (height, reach and defence). Also being the home fighter could play its part. I’m going Quigg on points in a very tight affair – Ryan Walsh (@Walsh7Ryan), British Featherweight Champion

I think Quigg could be dangerous early bit if Frampton sticks to his boxing and avoids a war I can see him winning on points or possible late stoppage – Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (@spike_osullivan), Irish Middleweight contender

Quigg is technically too good and fitter. He wins on point or late stoppage. Quigg will kill Framptons body all fight long. Frampton is very good and can fight/scrap hard but Quigg for me is boxing class! The boxer beats the fighter every day. It’ll be a great fight though regardless. And I can understand a difference of opinion – Zaiphan Morris (@MrMagicMo23), unbeaten Super-Featherweight prospect

For the Frampton Quigg fight I am pick Quigg. I like both boxers but I have always said Quigg. I believe he has the better boxing brain and movement. I also think Frampton may try too hard for the knockout and leave himself open and tired. I predict Quigg mid to late K.O – Chris Hobbs (@chrishobbsboxer), unbeaten Light-Heavyweight prospect


We also asked our followers on twitter to give us their predictions. Here are a few of those:


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