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From Terrace Life to Under the Lights – Introducing City’s Carl Moran

Known Manchester City fan Carl Moran is taking a step off the terraces and a step into the boxing ring next Friday evening

Moran was a key figure on the BBC three show Football’s Fight Club and has written a book about life on the terraces entitled ‘Blazing Squad’. The Manchester native has changed his ways in recent years since the birth of his daughter and is looking to channel his energy into boxing as he competes for the first time in six years next Friday in Radcliffe Civic Centre.

“Obviously people know my history with Man City but I’ve been using boxing to keep myself out of trouble and I have stayed out of trouble. I’ve trained hard for this fight coming up and it’s been a good way to focus my attention on and kept me away from other things.”
“I’ve wanted to move away from it all for a while now and getting back into boxing seemed the right way to do it. The adrenaline rush you get when you’re getting in the ring is like that of being at the football so nothing has changed really except I’m doing things the right way and I’m loving it.”

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Boxing has helped many people change their lives and become reformed characters. Bernard Hopkins is one of the most notable figures in recent years, spending the latter part of his teens and his early 20’s in prison; he went on to become the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.

Manchester’s Moran looks to be another example of the sweet science helping straighten out people’s lives and he has plenty of support in his venture back into the squared circle. He has sold over 100 tickets for this fight next Friday in Radcliffe (Manchester) with both City fans and friends from a far coming to watch the nights action which will be raising money for various local charity’s.

Manchester’s Moran has ambitions of his own in the future and envisions a step into the pro game in the near future.

“I want to have a couple more fights then turn pro. I’ve still got lots to learn but I’m really taking the sport seriously as it’s helped me so much. I’m focused on next Friday first as I’m fighting an experienced lad who boxed in the Army so it will be a hard fight for me. Boxing has helped me become a better dad to my 5 year old daughter so I feel I need to give my all to the sport that has made me a better father.”

Christopher Glover
'Lispy' - Evertonian, Journalism & Law student at Strathclyde University. Part of the MGM team.


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