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Do boxers get to keep their belts when they lose?

Boxers rarely get to keep their belts when they lose a match. It is instead presented to the winner of the fight, as a symbol of the champion's victory. The belts are often passed down, only changing hands when a boxer loses or retires. This tradition has been around for centuries, and is a symbol of the hard-fought victory in the ring. It is a reminder that no champion can hold on to the title forever, and that the challenge must be taken up again and again. Boxers may receive a replica of the belt to commemorate their accomplishments, but the original is almost never kept by the loser.

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Who punches harder, Canelo Alvarez or Conor McGregor?

Canelo Alvarez and Conor McGregor are two of the most popular and successful fighters in the world. This article compares their punching abilities. It is noted that Alvarez has the ability to land more punches with greater accuracy and power, while McGregor is known to be a powerful puncher who can land knockout blows. The article concludes that while McGregor is a very powerful puncher, Alvarez's accuracy and power makes him the more dangerous of the two. In conclusion, Canelo Alvarez is the fighter with the harder punch.

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