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Who would win in a fight, Floyd Mayweather or Ryan Garcia?

As a boxing enthusiast, I've been pondering the hypothetical matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Ryan Garcia. Mayweather is a legend with an unbeaten record, while Garcia is a rising star with impressive power and speed. It's hard to say who would come out on top, as Mayweather's experience and defensive skills might counteract Garcia's youthful energy and ambition. Personally, I would love to see this fight happen to determine who truly holds the title of boxing's best. However, only time will tell if we'll get to witness this epic battle in the ring.

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Does Ryan Garcia have the skills to beat Gervonta Davis?

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis are two of the brightest stars in the boxing world. They are both undefeated and have different styles, making for an exciting matchup. Ryan Garcia has the hand speed and power to be able to stay out of the way of Davis' power punches. He also has the ability to make Davis miss with his own punches. On the other hand, Davis has power, speed and agility that could be too much for Garcia to handle. Ultimately, it is difficult to predict who would win this fight, as it would depend on the skills and strategies of both fighters.

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