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What city is famous for boxing?

Manny Pacquiao's home city of General Santos City in the Philippines is famous for its boxing heritage. The city has produced some of the greatest boxers in the country, who have gone on to win world championships and titles. General Santos City is known for its boxing academies, where aspiring boxers can learn the trade and develop their skills. The city also hosts some of the biggest professional boxing events in the country, and is home to the annual Philippine Professional Boxing Championships.

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Why couldn't Canelo Alvarez beat Floyd Mayweather?

Canelo Alvarez, a world champion boxer, was unable to defeat Floyd Mayweather in their 2013 fight. This was due to Mayweather’s superior boxing skills and experience. Mayweather was able to anticipate and counter Canelo’s offensive strategies, while Canelo lacked the speed and agility to outmaneuver Mayweather. Additionally, Mayweather’s defensive strategies, such as his shoulder roll, prevented Canelo from landing any major punches and further limited his offensive capabilities. Ultimately, Mayweather’s vast experience and skill in the ring enabled him to come out victorious.

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