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Introducing the man behind the mind of Champions, Stuart How

Introducing the man behind the mind of Champions, Stuart How

Neuro Linguistic Programming is starting to become big business in boxing. A man based in Hemel Hempstead named Stuart How is beginning to establish himself as the leading practitioner in this field, working with many champions in both the amateur and pro game.

How became interested in the sweet science as a teen, watching fighters such as Shea Neary and Billy Schwer. Stuart is a ‘Master Practitioner in NLP’ This is Neuro Linguistic Programming which works with the understanding of or as Brain Language Behavior patterns.

Stuart How has worked alongside Ross Burkinshaw (Commonwealth Title and WBO European Title) Jamie Speight (Southern Area Title) Troy Williamson (Team GB Boxer, ABA Champion, Tri Nations champion Couple of WSB bouts and Quarter Finals in European Championships). He has also worked alongside Kevin Hooper, the first ever English Champion from Grimsby, Chris Billam-Smith ABA Finalist and Billie Jean Franks who represented England at Youth level.

Stuart How is doing great thing in boxing and has shed his thoughts on his clients and the future for himself and those working with him,

“For my clients , it is very interesting thing as every client is different as I have clients with goals from winning their first amateur fight too a client wanting to win Olympic Golds and World titles so I make sure their goals are met. My goals are very simple to be honest I want to keep producing champions and want to help others replicate as there is a big misconception that I only work in boxing.”

For more information on Stuart How you can find him on Twitter via @StuartHow or on Facebook by searching for ‘Stu Inspired Nlp’.

Christopher Glover
'Lispy' - Evertonian, Journalism & Law student at Strathclyde University. Part of the MGM team.


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